Dr Charlotte Douglas


I'm a Geneticist, Writer and award-winning Science Communicator

I'm here to provide:

1. Speaking engagements & consultancy

2. Articles & written pieces

3. Teaching & careers advice

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Postdoc - Institut Curie, Paris
PhD - Francis Crick Institute, London 
Undergrad - University of Bath
With a PhD in Genetics, Reproductive Biology and Genome Editing, and a Postdoc in RNA biology, Dr Charlotte Douglas has undertaken a broad range of SciComm engagements, from Pint of Science, New Scientist Live & Science on Screen, to writing for Lifeology/LifeAPPs and The Naked Scientists. She is a commissioned volunteer News writer at BioNews UK. She has provided media commentaries and been a discussion panellist on healthcare, & on genetics and genome editing surrounding "designer babies". She was selected as an Aspen Institute NextGen Network "Future Leader" and has been awarded prizes for scientific talks at multiple conferences. She mentors and supports young people and junior researchers through teaching, providing work experience, and through careers advice. Get in touch today and let's chat about your SciComm needs! 


Here you’ll find a collection of the projects I’ve been involved in as a speaker throughout my career. I am available for:

- Conferences

- Festivals

- Podcasts

- Interactive events

- Teaching/Careers advice

& more - please get in touch to discuss your requirements

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Articles &

Here you’ll find a collection of the articles and news pieces I have written. I am available for:

- Feature articles

- Scientific news

- Reviews

& more - please get in touch to discuss your requirements

feature articles

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In my Careers Spotlight Series I speak to a diverse group of post-PhD scientists who have taken non-academic career routes after finishing up their PhD.

Taking other career paths can be daunting and mysterious. In this series I hope to alleviate some of these worries by speaking to professionals that have been through it all!

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